#RoadtoSofubi Game of Hope World Tour 2016 @ Mythic Games, Santa Cruz on Sept 3rd


Since our previous announcement post, we now get to share more info and images for the 2016 "Road to Sofubi, Game of Hope" World Tour's first stop in Santa Cruz, CA on September 3rd!
PRESS: "The Santa Cruz show will be hosted in Mythic Games (Cooper Street Plaza Shopping Center, 149 River St S, Santa Cruz, CA 95060).

Sales will start at 19:00 and end at 21:00 or when they sell out (whichever comes first). Arrive a little early to get a number (explained below*).

The show will feature exclusive Sofubi, tour apparel, and more from RealXHead, Goccodo, and PunkDrunkers. All three artists will be in attendance for the show. Stick around and after the show we'll have some time for signing your toys and also have a translator in attendance if you had any questions or comments for the artists."

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(Teasers for figures by Goccodo / Stay updated via Instagram @goccodo)

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"*It's important to the artists that the fans who made the trip to their shows have a chance to get something that they want, so to prevent a single hard-core collector or ebay flippers (die flippers die) from buying the entire shop before the other fans get a chance to get something, we'll be giving out numbers prior to opening. Once we open we'll have a preliminary round of limited sales (this usually ends up being your choice of a large and small sofubi), followed by open sales."


(Cheers for the heasdsup Mike!)