Pobber Toys for #STGCC2016

Pobber Toys at STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) will be helming booths AA83 & AA85 with at least a quartet of exclusives and new reveals/releases! So get your cash monies ready to hog yourselves some art toy collectibles - including;

Above-Left: Pobber-Exclusivee STGCC Edition DAYDREAM (NIMBUS) from Kurobokan! Limited to only 45pcs, don’t expect these babies thong around for long! (I snagged another edition over the weekend). Designer Paulus Hyu will be in attendance on the first day for signings (Stay tuned for exact schedule), and he’ll be leaving SG the very next day too!

Above-right: SKULLHEAD SAMURAI debuts at STGCC! Designed by Huck Gee x JonPaul Kaiser - both of whom will be at STGCC this year, so NOW would be a perfect to to snag the awesome looking piece, and have BOTH the artists sign on them! (First Seen @ STGCC2015)

Bottom-Left: STGCC-Exclusive ROADKILL from South Korean designer TwelveDot (first seen at STGCC last year!), with (what looks to be a distressed verdigris look?) this edition limited to only 10pcs! How “limited edition” is this?

Bottom-Right: TWISTED BART from Spanish artist Cote Escriva, makes it’s debut at STGCC, with this all-black colorway! No edition size revealed as yet, but looks insane, does’t it?

UPDATED Price Lists: