Shoko Nakazawa’s Baby Byrons for VAG Series 8 by Medicom Toy

What my humble toy collection is missing, is Shoko Nakazawa’s BYRON - whom has escaped my clutches in the beginning, before prices spiralled upward beyond my reach (escaped me before because I had no $$$ to buy them, even if they were standing right in front of me BAH)… and thus far I have been “lucky” with Rangeron and VAG Rangerons (Korater’s collaboration with T9G / from VAG Series 7) … THEN I saw THIS!

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Coming in the 8th series of Medicom Toy’s VAG(VINYL ARTIST GACHA, are the adorable faded-colorway Baby Byrons to scream ”BUYMEBUYMEBUYMEEEEE”!

And this is not the first time Baby Byrons appeared in the VAG collection, with Series 5’s paint treatment matching the Baby Rangerons. And while I know I’d never truly be able to afford a regular Byron now, I’d still keep my hopes out for these babies hahaha

Scheduled for a September release (hope they’ll make STGCC2016 tho!!!), check out the rest of the releases via, which showcases 3 other designs in the series.

Shown below are a couple of custom Byrons done for the SUBCARISM TOKYO LOUNGE over the weekend, and is no doubt adding salt to my own wound of not owning these beauts LOL