#SuicideSquad-themed #fanart SKWAD print by Tracy Tubera

Tracy Tubera is currently offering up SUIDE SQUAD-themed prints, which he has illustrated - available here for US$35 in either Color (above) or Black-n-White! Sized 11” x 17” on Archival Watercolor Paper - each print comes signed, numbered and hand-embossed with his Double-T logo. Limited to only 50 prints each edition! *This is for PRE-ORDER. Prints will ship 8/12/16.
PRESS: "When you need to fight EVIL, you need some BAD muther truckers! Why not send this SQUAD out to do the dirty work. He SHOOTS people. He EATS people. She's CRAZY. He throws BOOMERANGS. He sets things on FIRE. She has a SWORD... And He's just plain BAT SH!T CRAZY! SQUAD GOALS."


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