#toycollectinginsingaporebelike ... YUMMY!

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#toycollectinginsingaporebelike YUMMY!

The selection available is like a buffet of toyness - from mass market characters, to select art toys and local indie toy makers - there is always somewhere you could go to score your needs! From weekend flea markets, to dedicated toy shops, to annual conventions featuring visiting artists/artisans = #patience and sometimes perseverance, will get you your toy-need(s).

Sure, Singapore is far from a "toy paradise" (likened to Hong Kong et al), but I am somewhat thankful, otherwise I'd be constantly broke! LOL

Failing which, there are always "online" purchasing options! #toylife #SG51

- Red Power Ranger designed by TOUMA - picked up for a song at CSC flea Market.
- Colossal Titan gacha - picked up at Anime Festival Asia, single and loose.
- TOYSREVIL YOKA - First production toy for the blog, made by adFunture.
- Micro Negora - purchased at CSC.)
Memories of “collecting toys” in the late-90s to early-2000s remain fondly faith but not faded … when the 1/6th-hobby was at it’s wondrous heights, and most other “urban vinyls” were harder to find compared to them now, luckily with The Falcon’s Hangar, Yellow Box et al, we were able to lay our hands early stuff from Michael Lau, Eric So, and even KAWS!

Not being “spoilt for choice” made for more adventurous toy-hunts way back when, methinks!

And with the advent (and demise) of Clarke Quay flea market, hobby shops like Action City came to the fore, and individual hobby shops sprout up to cater to all manners of toy-tastes, including anime-related, comicbook-related, and even mass market departmental stores and Toy’R’Us held some surprises!

Decades later, we could pop-by China Square Central over the Sunday flea markets, or any other shops in malls for Pop!Vinyls and other media-related toys and collectibles.

Liken to walking along the buffet-line - or even a food court - which are offering both local cuisine and foreign exotic tastes, with a basket in one hand, the other clutching the wallet, we’d not necessarily want for more … well, at the very least for a collector like myself, who does not have deep pockets, to lust for collectibles beyond my reach LOL

But it does not mean the toys I have taste any less yummy - in fact, I savour them more :)

A plain Prata with sugar-sprinkles would taste just as awesome as one would be dipped it in curry gravy, IMHO.

Happy Toy-Hunting, people! And have a fab SG51 Celebration!

Cheers :)