Wetworks x Yoii for #STGCC2016 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con

Carlo Cacho AKA Wetworks shares with TOYSREVIL what he’ll be having at Booth AA69 at the coming Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) - including collectibles galore, AND New Zealand artist Yoii will be in attendance and in person!

*Note: Prices listed here are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

In addition to the amazing stuff featured on this post, do keep a lookout for posters and enamel pins, one-off custom figures by Yoii that she will be bringing at the show and a special preview of the new figure Carlo will be collaborating with Clogtwo called "Shinigami" (seen at base of this post!).

BOBETT sees Carlo’s take on the infamous character from a certain sci-fi opera (*cough-StarWars-cough*), as a boy “cosplaying” the intergalactic bounty hunter - with the first run at STGCC limited to only 40pcs, each priced at SGD$100! Featuring Cardback artwork by Carlos Ruiz, this is first come first served!


FOXY & XIN is a Wetworks original figure and limited to only 10 pairs, with this resin in faux gold set price at SGD$170. I remember seeing the unpainted Foxy prototype back in STGCC2015, and it was amazing then, as they look splendid now, in gold!

GAMERAGIRL RESIN FIGURE is a collaboration between Carlo and Yoii, and the release at STGCC will be limited ti only 20pcs - each priced at SGD$120! Yogi will hand-paint each figure's faces and will be signed and numbered!


Another Wetworks x Yoii collaboration collectible is the KIDZILLA RESIN FIGURE, whereby a special STGCC 2016 colorway will be unleashed! Limited to only 20pcs, each priced at SGD$120, Carlo adds that this piece ”…will be a great partner for every Gameragirl”!

(Above: “Shinigami” collaboration between Wetworks x Clogtwo sees a chibi-Death!)

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