Ario Anindito & Punakawan Studio’s “Tales From The Land Of Equator's Emerald” for #indonesiacomiccon2016

A coupla highlights for Publications to lookout for at the coming weekend’s Indonesia Comic Con 2016 (Oct 1-2), happening at Jakarta Convention Center - starting with the above Page-flip video-clip for Ario Anindito’s Sketchbook Vol.2! Bandung-based illustrator / comicbook artist Ario is an Invited Guest for the event, so go say *HI*, and tell him “TOYSREVIL SENT YOU” muahahahaha

Tales From The Land Of Equator's Emerald Covers
(From left to right)
Variant A: pencil by: Ardian Syaf
Variant B: Pencil by: Pipin Tobin
Variant C pencil by: Noval Hernawan
Color by: Sanju Nivangune

My buddy Noval N Hernawan has gathered with his artist crew Puna Kwan Studio and will reintroducing the world to their brand new anthology comicbook, titled “Tales From The Land Of Equator's Emerald” Issue #0 - debuting at ICC, where they will be offering the comicbook, a blank sketch cover version, prints based on the characters, tees and a whole bunch of awesomeness, for which you can get further details via their Facebook page @ - where you can also pre-order issue #0!

Posted here are just some preview snaps, including the 3 different covers of the book - which joins together to form a long panoramic image! ”Three Artists. Three Stories. One Archipelago…”

Tales From The Land Of Equator's Emerald 1
Tales From The Land Of Equator's Emerald 2
Tales From The Land Of Equator's Emerald Pints
Above-left: Pencil version of the limited print by Ardian Syaf.
Above-right: Pencil and inked by Invited Comic Artist Guest Iwan Nazif and colored by Ardian Syaf - who as well is ALSO an Invited Comic Artist Guest!
Tales From The Land Of Equator's Emerald 3
EQUATOR’S EMERALD: "Some literature works and poems describe Indonesia in eloquent poetic names, such as Zamrud Khatulistiwa ("Emerald of the Equator"), which refers to Indonesian green and lush tropical rainforest as the emeralds, as well as the geographic position of Indonesia, along the equator. It was coined by Multatuli (a pen name used by Eduard Douwes Dekker, Ernest Douwes Dekker's granduncle), a 19th-century Dutch writer, who described Dutch East Indies as "'t prachtig ryk van Insulinde dat zich daar slingert om den evenaar, als een gordel van smaragd" ("the beautiful empire of Insulinde that girdles the equator like a belt of emerald")." (Wiki)