Custom Lil Alex + SKUM-Kuns for Blackbook Toy @ #STGCC2016

Seen above are skeletonal suits Lil Alex and Dim - Graveyard Edition = previously orderable under Disburst - a limited number of which will be made available at Blackbook Toy’s Booth AA36 at this weekend’s Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016)!

We teased them in an earlier feature, today we reveal in full the custom Lil’ Alex and SKUM-kun figures that’ll be made available exclusively via AA36. And while no prices are revealed at this time, they look amazing and I hope to see them in person!

Scroll down for more, and head-on to my dedicated Facebook album for more images!

Kenth Toy Works Alex front

Kenth Toy Works custom one-off Lil Alex (from Frank Kozik’s “A Clockwork Carrot”) called Midnight Fantasy and ILL Fantasy feature a tripped out psychedelic fantasy world aesthetic, limited to only 1 x piece each.

Kenth Toy Works Alex back

Another series of customs from Kenth Toy Works are these custom painted one-offs of SKUM-kun, with motorcycle-gang motifs = I love them!
"KTW turned SKUM-kun into Japanese Bosozoku(motorcycle gang) called 暴走悪魔怪獣 黒本玩具 罰奴坊威主 (Boso Akuma Kaiju BlackBook Toy Bad Boys) Only 1pc each made. 3unique 4words are written on their Bosozoku uniform. Each colorway is named after Japanese traditional color name, 瑠璃 , 藍錆 , 暗黒 , 紅樺 . Each one comes with mini New Era cap and bandana."
bousouakuma back

From Chop of Monster Farm comes these SKUM-kun custom painted one-offs featuring the by now iconic aesthetics of Batman and Robin, with this couple called ”Dynamic Duo:Asshole and Prick”! Only 1pc each made. Signed on the fingers like traditional tattoo. Each one comes with mini New Era cap and bandana.

IMG_8478 IMG_8480

More SKUM-kun custom painted one-offs this time by Knuckle of Little Chop Design, with these 4 x 2colored face SKUM-kun called “Freaky Franken Bros”!
"Knuckle created and sculpted SKUM-kun for us, so he’s the perfect guy to ask to make special edition for the show. All painted in different colors. Original design of SKUM-kun was what he painted this time, 2 colored face with buffalo check shirts. Though buffalo check shirts were not made this time. Only 1pc each made. Signed on the bottom left corner of the shirts. Each one comes with mini New Era cap, signed drawstring bag and bandana." - shared Kaz for BBT.