Daniel Yu’s Jiangshi Acolytes for #STGCC2016

Pretty apt while prepping this blogpost - having watched Train To Busan today (Reviewed on #PopcornX) - and with the notion of the Eastern Point-of-View of “Zombies”, we now take a look at a collection of the undead coming from Daniel Yu - to be made available at the Genesis4 Booth AA89&90, for this coming weekend’s Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016)!

Something I have been waiting for, ever since seeing the blue colorway at the recent Thailand Toy Expo = the 8-inch tall vinyl JIANGSHI ACOLYTES from Unbox Industries, in PURPLE colorway! Gagging for the fully painted editions tho … nevertheless, Stay tuned for quantity and pricing details …


SHON from Taiwan has painted up a micro run of vinyl Jiangshi Acolytes, and they’ll be waiting and ready for you to bring home - not to haunt your other toys, but to showcase the brilliance of colors on an undead! Dude with the "red eye"? = "CHASE" (*gasp*) … and I count fifteen (15) Jiangshis in the WIP? Although, it never does say how many are for STGCC and TTF tho … juz’sayin! :p

And while the result of the image is as yet to be confirmed, we have an excellent illustration of the Jiangshi Acolyte by Ralph Niese! Would make an excellent print, no?


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