Dinky, Dunky and the Fluffies by Haus Of Boz Serves Up on Sept 8th


From Haus Of Boz in UK comes a yummy slice of toy-news perfect to start off a morning with! Introducing “Dinky, Dunky and the Fluffies”!

Scheduled for servings come September 8th @ 8:00pm GMT online via HausOfBoz.Bigcartel.com, these delectable buddies can be had for £59.99 GBP!

PRESS: "Time to get your blanket out and snuffle down under it, get your onesie on, pull on your big fluffy socks, grab teddy, and get cosy!

Dinky mug and his friend Dunky cookie are here to help you ease seamlessly into sleepy time, with a little help from those 3 fluffies floating happily in that hot chocolatey head of his.

Warm your hands and your heart with a delicious hot cup of friendship as the nights get chilly.

Dinky is a customised 3" Marshall toy from 64 colours, with sculpted parts, and comes with hand sculpted cookie Dunky accessory. They are hand painted and finished with UV resistant and gloss varnishes.

Though made to look appetising, please don't eat them! They're for display only YA BIG SILLY! Not for those kids of yours either!"
(Cheers for the heads, Laura)