FROM WHENCE WE CAME by Kozyndan @ Giant Robot 2 (Sept 10-28, 2016)

Giant Robot 2 (GR2) is proud to present FROM WHENCE WE CAME, a solo exhibition by Kozyndan. Launching September 10th (Opening Reception with the Artists 6:30 - 10:00 PM on the same day), and exhibits thru September 28th, 2016.

Scroll down for more peeks at previews and WIPs of these previously unseen of aspect of the duo (well, at least in this humble blog :p), and check out updates on the Events Facebook Page.

EVENT PRESS: "Presenting a ceramic sculptural exploration of a primitive world before our own inhabited by sentient creatures attuned to magic and the power of their ancestors and the prime creators. The work began with kozy's first set of "bunny primitive" sculptures and throughout their creation and viewing what Kozy made, stories and a world about these beings evolved and influenced later sculptures. In this show, kozyndan present a full spectrum of these characters from the earliest to those most influenced by the narrative the artists created for them. Each figure is its own being, named and having its own personality that can affect some aspect of the life of whoever possesses it."

FROM WHENCE WE CAME by Kozyndan Golden Oracle
THE GOLDEN ORACLE (Artwork Description for above): "Some of the crystal bunny primitive ceramic sculptures kozy made for our show at GiantRobot opening September 10th, 2016. "From Whence We Came" will have about 100 ceramic sculptures and will be our first entirely sculptural exhibition ever. Please do come and check it out as kozy has poured her heart into this process, as well as seeking out the aid of some skillful stained glass and metal artisans as well for a few of the pieces!" (Additional WIPs via @kozyceramics)
September 10 - 28, 2016
Giant Robot 2 (GR2)
2062 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90025