#GoodGravy by Bwana Spoons Opens October 6th

Good Gravy

If you’ve been following Bwana Spoons’ Instagram @bananapoons/ for some time now, you’d noticed “hints” pointing perhaps to a physical storefront … and today, this is now “FACT” - with the grand opening of the “GOOD GRAVY” scheduled for Thursday October 6th from 7pm-9pm!
"Located at 400 NW couch Portland Oregon 97209 - There will be exclusive toys and goods from talented folks near and far. Barely Human, Pop Soda, Rampage Toys, Deathcat Toys, Liverad Studio, Mixed Species, Cop A Squat Toys, Shirahama, Grody Shogun, Betty Turbo, Refreshment Toy, and Bwana Spoons."
At a time where folks sadly close shop, Brandon has gone and opened a brick-n-mortar, and I have nothing but awesome well wishes for the opening! If you can, go hit up the spot and take tons of pics, AND don’t forget to buy up ALL the toy-ness!

Bwana Spoons
"And for the sake of full bombardment. Just two days after i open Good gravy here in Portland. I'll have a Pop-UP Party at my friend Jimbo Matison's pad in Brooklyn.
I will be saying hi to NYCC. I just didn’t want to sit inside the convention for 4 days hawking my wares. So this year I’ll be doing something different, and I think. A lot more fun. I’ll be having a little Good gravy Pop-UP party at my pal Jimbo’s in the heart of Williamsburg. I’ll be bringing a small army of short run toys, a few paintings, a new tee, and more. Some loot from the Good Gravy grand opening, some Paul Kaiju customs (by me), and a bucket of rad Namaniku keshi!
Join us at 6pm for beer, cookies, and tea. Sales from 7-9. We will do everything by roshambo or via lottery.
Good Gravy Pop-UP Party. 36 South 4th, D8 Brooklyn New York 11249"