INDIE TOYS AR @ Espacio Cabrera, Argentina Opens Friday Sept 23rd


Bomber Mat shares with TOYSREVIL the existence of “INDIE TOYS AR”, launching this Friday Sept 23rd at Espacio Cabrera (Cabrera 3641, Buenos Aires Argentina)!
WHAT-IS: "Indie Toys Ar is a joint exhibition of Argentinian artists and designers who altogether share the same passion to make their own signature toys. A world of vinyl, resin, wood and fabric waiting for those out there who as kids couldn’t get enough of toys!"
Greenbag Toys

Participating artists include Bombermat / Caro de acá a la China / Cerrito / Circo / DGPH / Greenbag Toys / Hydra Toys / Kalaka Toys / Legion Toys / Luli Bunny / Patricio Oliver / Posibles Objetos / Trucho Toys = some previews featured here! And you can find out more info on the Event Facebook Page … I’ve not had the opportunity to see much collectible toy-action from folks in Argentina, with folks like PO!, DGPH and Cerrito being featured on the blog, and hope to see more too!

Circo Trucho Toys
Posibles Objetos


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