Introducing ”Pugzilla" by Thirsty

Pugzilla Gummy Green

Evan Shen from Taiwan brand “飢渴 Thirsty” shares with TOYSREVIL the coming of his PUGZILLA - their very first soft vinyl figure!

Sized 9cm tall, this beast with scratched exposed guts is thus far shown in a variety of editions/colorways here - in a yummy Gummy Green (not to mention the multicoloured ones lying blurry in the background!), and a Blue/White Edition (seen below) … the Gold-on-Black edition is exclusive to Wrong Gallery Taipei and was released in August Limited to 18pcs @ NTD$880), and as well hand-custom coloured editions. No further news of further releases, but nevertheless stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for updates!

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ABOUT PUGZILLA: "Over decades, people have been messing with dog’s genes, bringing out so-called “breeds”. The consequence of inbreeding has brought this world genetic mutation; furthermore, it has disturbed hearts, intestines or stomachs and caused organ functioning problems. On the contrary, limbs have become over-functioning. The most vital thing is that, Amygdaloid, also known as the brain of emotion has withered. The only thing that left in their minds is violence and demolishment. This is how Pugzilla is born…"
Pugzilla Color