Jenn and Tony Bot for September 'Monthly Custom Series’ on Collect&Display Drops Sept 30th

Collect and Display shares with us the custom works of Jenn and Tony Bot for their 'Monthly Custom Series’, scheduled for a drop 30th September 2016 at 8pm from!
"There is nothing more sketchy than a traveling carnival. Surviving the rides is as questionable as surviving the food and the carnies that run it. Make sure you bring your money, these grumpy monsters are sure to empty your pockets."
the bots_Carny Mascot
Above: “Carny Mascot” @ £80.00
the bots_Down a Clown
Above: “Down a Clown” @ £80.00
the bots_Vomit Comet
Above: “Vomit Comet” @ £80.00
the bots_You Must Be This Tall
Above: “You must be this tall” @ £80.00

Note: All above Carnival-themed custom Dunnys are one-of-a-kind, and they look delightful :)


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