JonPaul Kaiser Customs @ #STGCC2016


It is one thing to constantly post about customs on the blog, and frankly a whole different experience seeing them in person.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing and posting about custom collectibles on the TOYSREVIL-blog! But personally, I do enjoy the thrill and excitement of seeing them right in front of me, which more often than not - besides visiting group custom shows (which are as few and rare here in SG) - I’d relish the opportunities!

And in all aspects of practicality - ”Even though I cannot afford them, I still wanna see them!”

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The very first time holding JonPaul Kaiser’s custom in my sweaty digits, was in Thailand, for CLEA, circa 2010 - when he did a swap with ZAM - with both gentleman’s individual Dunnys blowing my frikkin’ mind away!

I had been pretty much been broke struggled financially for a few years around then, and had naught the concept of “commissioned customs” (couldn’t afford it, so I don’t think about it much, least it slowly kills my toy-loving soul, innit?), but the thought popped into my mind there and then; “Aiyah! Should have commissioned JonPaul to custom a figure for me!” … Followed very shortly by; ”Aiyah! No money lor…” *frikkinsadface*

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Fast forward over 6 years, and I’d finally met JonPaul again in Singapore, and I’d realise for myself the serendipitous notion of such a meeting - that he would be one of the designers that had met face-to-face Pre-Stroke, and now Post-Stroke! hahaha LOVE IT!

And seeing his custom line-up in this year’s STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016), had been an utter thrill! Alas, my financial situation has not really changed as much since meeting him in 2010, in so much being able to afford custom hand-painted collectibles.


The spread shown before me - shared with you guys here in this post - is worth every penny tagged, tis just my lack of financial ability, dammit!

I had my eye on the Teletubbies series (featuring casting by Evan Morgan IG @evanmorgan93 - *Only two sets are available at STGCC), this Woodsman (which I highly recommend folks consider getting, as it is JonPaul’s original design, unlike his customs of other designers collectible *nudge-nudge*), and MacReady “inspired” by the Kurt Russell character from John Carpenter’s “The Thing”!

Seriously awesome stuff. You will regret not snagging them, with the designer/artist present, in person, at STGCC. I already utterly have … but I’d treasure the memories of meeting you again JonPaul, and thank you for your kindness :)

Scroll down for more snaps, and make your decisions fast, as the annual event closes today, Sunday Sept 11th, when the door closes 8pm, at Basement 2 of Marina Bay Sands Convention Center!

SAM_3209 (1)

(Credit: Top pic snagged from Kelly Kaiser - the only other pic of his magnificent custom 20” FAD Dunny from JRYU, since sold and picked up by the customer and left when I reached the booth!!!! Congrats JPK!)

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