KING KORPSE by James Groman x INSTINCTOY To Debut at #STGCC2016 + Lottery Details!

King Korpse Front

After the announcement of the Mix Color King Korpse to be released at STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016), INSTINCTOY follows up with a slice of news that I had been waiting for! The other 2 of the 3 editions of James Groman-designed KING KORSE will be made available at the INSTINCTOY Booth AA73&75!
"One of the colorways is a reference to James' style of painted color illustrations and design. The design brings out a terrible view of what the world is like, but also applies James' American comic style with a wide range of rich colors. He’s name is “Fearful Fantasy”. The other colorway resulted from INSTINCTOY's efforts to replicate the most realistic color effects, and he’s name is called “True Terror”. The both of names were named by James." - shared Hiroto Ohkubo.
King Korpse Back

These two color editions are limited to 50 units each, and comes with serial numbers tags. The will debut for sale at the Con with only 5 units each, available via Lottery Sale!

There are 5 units of each color available at STGCC for the debut sale!! We will have a lottery draw at the show site on Saturday, 10th September. The lottery tickets will be given out at the INSTINCTOY booth, and distribution will end when the tickets run out.

Here is the schedule of lottery times and as well further lottery details (as listed here)

Lottery Starting Time:

KING KORPSE 1st color “Fearful Fantasy”
<JPY:45,000 JPY/SGD:600 SGD>
Saturday 10th September 15:00 start

KING KORPSE 1st color “True Terror”
<JPY:45,000 JPY/SGD:600 SGD>
Saturday 10th September 15:30 start

KING KORPSE 1st color “Mix Color”
<JPY:28,000 JPY/SGD:385 SGD>
Saturday 10th September 16:00 start

King Korpse Fearful Fantasy
(“Fearful Fantasy” Edition)
REQUIREMENTS: "Please return to our booth with your tickets 5 minutes before the starting time. Each ticket will have two halves, with the same number printed on each side. Please submit half the ticket to us in order to join the lottery draw.

※Please note that after you get a lottery ticket, you have to come back at the draw timing to participate. We will not award prizes to customers who are not present at the lottery draw.

Here is more information about the lottery tickets. There are 100 pieces for each of the 3 King Korpse colors. The ticket distribution ends when we run out of tickets. Please note that one customer is only allowed to get a maximum of one ticket for each color. When you take part in the lottery, we will strictly control the ticket allocation. It is important to note that customers holding multiple pieces of each ticket will not be allowed to participate in the lottery. "
King Korpse True Terror
(“True Terror” Edition)