Memorable People @ #STGCC2016


BLOG-DISCLAIMER: This montage is not to "show-off", but is meant to be a simple "Thank You" :) - and more pics with peeps i missed too! :p

For myself personally, toycon is not just about the toys I buy or the bounty I hoard, but of meeting people - reconnecting with old friends, and having the chance to meet new folks, and of commiserating on shared joys and geekery!

And I would like to sincerely thank folks' kindness and generosity, and for folks who genuinely shared their time and attention.

Blogging has always been a solitary affair for me, and I'd never expect nor assume people to know about my blog - not matter how long I have blogged, or how recent folks found my blog - much less to read or follow it, and it is humbling when people do say *hi* and share. Truly.

I'm just this socially awkward guy in his room typing away on the computer and not a social butterfly nor a sensible media businessman hahahaha

Truthfully I did not start this toycon with high expectations, or in high spirits, for that matter ... but at the very last moment of the annual event, walking out of the hall, alone amidst the thronging crowd of people who still refused to leave the place - it had left me hankering for more, even though my body was battered and exhausted :p

Damn, but I need to get into better shape, and yes, be healthier to survive the experience next year! haha

A truly eye-opening experience (both the good and not-so-good) and a humbling event. Thank You All For Making My STGCC Memorable!