Monsieur Meliés from Aidan Booker

"From the depths of space comes this unlucky planetoid, He was the target of a French space expedition gone wrong back in 1902 and has had to live with this lump of copper stuck in his eye ever since."
Monsieur Meliés 1

From Aidan Booke comes his first resin figure into the scene, with “Monsieur Meliés” hand-sculpted, cast and painted by Aidan himself! Standing just over 2-inches tall, in an edition of 50pcs each priced at £25, purchasable online here.

Monsieur Meliés 2
"The idea for this toy is heavily inspired by French filmmaker Georges Méliès’s 1902 film ”A Trip To The Moon”. I saw the scene in that film where the rocket crash lands right in the Moon’s eye and immediately thought it would work very well as an art toy.

This is a figure that I sculpted just over a year ago and have been working on it on and off ever since. The figure was sculpted in Monster Clay, hand cast in polyurethane resin, and painted in standard high quality acrylics."
- shared Aidan Booker.
(Cheers for the headsup, Aidan)