New Kaiju TriPus from Max Toy Co Revealed!

Mark Nagata has revealed the latest monster from Max Toy Co, with a newly sculpted KAIJU TRIPUS! Featuring over one pound of epic sculpted by PicoPico (based on a Mark Nagata original concept with production coordination by @quackmaxx) - this fully Made-In-Japan character design further resembles a mythical “Cthulhu” features a “3-in-1” play, as Mark explains;
”…by heating up the head, popping it off and the eye, you can flip it over, plug it and the eye back in creating an alternate look for #Tripus!”
Time for some tentacled-love! (*That sounds “wrong” only if you swing “hentai” teehee). Stay tuned for further updates!

Kaiju Tripus Max Toy Co


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