Petit Lapin Pronunciation ( ) by mr clement

Mr Clement sends word of his “Petit Lapin Pronunciation ( )” available to order now, each 25cm tall Glossly White figure sets priced at £120GBP (+ Worldwide FREE Shipping) orderable here on, with an end of September 2016 ship-out.

In an edition of 60 units, each set features a 3 x jointed vinyl figure (arms and neck), Unique limited edition number 1 to 60, Certificate of Authenticity with Signature of Artist, and a placard printed with a unique syllable.

Besides the figure’s availbility, they themselves have a story to their “existence”, which Mr Clement explains as;
"Four years ago, I created a series of 200 vinyl petit lapin called Petit Lapin Pronunciation ( ) to be exhibited in different cities. These little guys are pretty opinionated and don't shy away from speaking their minds. They have been on the road touring to Madrid, Chicago, Munich and Berlin.

Part of the travelling troupe got held up by German customs a couple of years ago - multiple rescue attempts failed until a few weeks ago when these guys got released, just like that. I am not sure why they were stranded and what happened to them in the last 48 months... Would like to think these Lapins managed to make some friends, or at least enjoy some local beer and currywurst.


Long story short, I now have 60 exhibits of Petit Lapin Pronunciation ( ) in hand. They are well-travelled but don't look tired at all. I thought it might be good to make them available as a special order - a thank you to my supporters who missed the chance to grab a vinyl astrolapin last time :) Hopefully you are happy with this unexpected surprise!"