The Coming of SUGAR BANDITS from Veggiesomething x Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi

Here’s a headsup about a new vinyl coming from James Liu AKA Veggiesomething x Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi, coming in the 4th quarter of 2016 - Introducing THE SUGAR BANDITS!

And while product details are scarce (stay connected to Instagram @rotofugi), we are at least shown the silhouetted profile of the bunny character … but is he/she ALONE? Looks like there is an entire SQUAD of Bandits ready to exact MAYHEM on the masses!

I’d asked James about the identity of these characters, to which he shared;
…they are a group of animals that are addicted to sugar, and they will loot people of their sugary goodies. They are masked to hide their identities. Because they are addicted to sugar and are bandits, I called them Sugar Bandits. -shared James.
I also named them after jazz musicians: Ellington (bear), Simone (cat), Coltrane (rabbit), Thelonious (monkey), Baker (dog), and Holiday (mouse). The were develop back in 2007 and I've used the characters periodically in artworks and merchandise since. - added James Liu (Thanks!).

James’ most memorable toy collectible release thus far had been with the now-defunct Crazy Label with another of his original concepts: “House of Liu” ( with “MeiMei” and “DiDi” , and the Monks (which I always wished I owned :p) coming in a variety of editions and sizes thru the years. And I’ve always enjoyed the world-building notion from James, and look forward to more concepts to come! ... but first, let's have us some MAYHEM! LOL

(Additional pic via with a swell interview with James too!)