Wackymons' SHIEK HAPPY CONE @ #STGCC2016

Hand-painted resin Shiek Happy Cone available via the @wackymons booth at #stgcc2016 #toysrevilstgcc2016

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SHIEK HAPPY CONE by Shenly Yee at her Wackymons booth in STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016), with only the Strawberry Pink colorway (above left) available at her booth AA53, as the rest of the stock are SOLD OUT! The fancy pretty blue Shiek seen above-right, is the Special Edition, available for pre-orders at her booth (SGD$35 apiece).

The other colorways are also available for pre-order (SGD$30 apiece) - and you should do so today Sunday Sept 11th before 8pm when the annual event closes for the year!

Folks overseas can loom forward to the eventual listing of Shiek on her website www.wackymons.com, but no definite timeline at this point … there’s still October’s Taipei Toy Festival she needs to rush for, yeah? :)

I’ve pre-orders my Special Edition Shiek and bought the OG colorway, Have YOU? :)


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