XXRAY tokidoki @ #STGCC2016

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Making a display debut at the recent STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) is the result of a collaboration between Tokidoki x Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx, with the trio of collectibles (or should I count “4” collectibles” instead? :p) in the XXRAY line, featuring the dissected anatomical concept of Freeny, as part of an enormous XXRAY line from Mighty Jaxx!

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For this blogpost, we will specifically the XXRAY tokidoki figures - which consisted of Unicorno named “Stellina” - who was available to be purchased (at SGD$30 per) and brought home from the event … alas I even forgot to snag Stellina when I could, instead focusing on Huck Gee’s Gold Life Shadow Edition figures LOL

tokidoki freeny mightyjaxx Stellina 1
tokidoki freeny mightyjaxx Stellina 2 tokidoki freeny mightyjaxx Stellina 3
tokidoki freeny mightyjaxx Stellina 4 tokidoki freeny mightyjaxx Stellina 5

On display only, but available for pre-orders, where the SALARYMAN XXRAY figure and SANDY & CARINA - from tokidoki’s “Cactus Friends” line. The former had a SRP of SGD$30, while the latter is SGD$40 for the two figure set. I would have picked up all three in a heartbeat, if I could bring them home with me immediately!

Folks who pre-ordered the entire XXRAY TOKIDOKI line-up would have received a reversible tokidoki tote bag. Both Salaryman and Sandy&Carina were scheduled with a 4th quarter release.

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Certain one of the highlights for me at this year’s Con, even though these were not exactly “exclusives”, but more “debut releases”, IMO.

I’ve adored Mighty Jaxx’s XXRAY line for some time, although I’ve not laid down huge chunks of gash for them, and with tokidoki now in the mix? Straddling both the mass and niche notions of collectibility - with tokidoki x Freeny - this looks to be a flourishing line to come, IMHO!

Scroll down for more pics, as I tear my hair put for not picking up StellinaaaaaaaAAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHH…!

tokidoki freeny mightyjaxx 2
tokidoki freeny mightyjaxx Sandy Carina
tokidoki freeny mightyjaxx Salaryman

(Additional exclusive event photography by Thero Dennis)