About That SPECLATRON Edition SKELETOR Vinyl from Super7 @ #NYCC2016

This figure has since grown from my “seems-nice-oh-well”-list, to my current “WANT”-list from New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9)!

A close-up snap of the SPECLATRON Edition SKELETOR Vinyl reveals a clear transparent glitter belly (seemed kinda “unclear” in promo images, but that’s just me :p), and seeing the box design (below images via toyark.com) truly makes the figure even more desirable, methinks! (Yes, I fall for box designs too - the WHOLE TOY PACKAGE, baby!). Too bad I’ll have suck thumb because I’ve no $$ left for toys, dammit!

US$65 per 4” vinyl, available at Super7 Booth #126.



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