BlackBook Toy x Ron English: EVIL MC Supervillain Edition Drops Oct 15th

After teasing folks in STGCC and TTF, BlackBook Toy announces the release of new colorway of Ron English’s EVIL MC - with the Joker-themed SUPERVILLAIN EDITION dropping for online orders starting midnight of Oct 15th (Tokyo), Oct 14th 8am(LA), 11am(NY), 4pm(NY), 10pm(Thailand). ”Due to the production schedules, the latter half would be shipped out around end of Oct.” added Kazuhiro Takahashi of BBT.

Priced at 19440yen each, do note that there will be TWO Heads to look out for: The “Normal” Makeup, and “BK” Makeup (50%/50% ratios).

EVIL MC Supervillain 1
"Casted in clear PU and comes with that darkside hero’ s essential accessory, Joker card. Printed on actual play card, just way bigger than the normal one. Same size as postcard. You can enjoy putting it inside EVIL MC.

Also comes with 10pcs of special burger paper(same one comes with previous Stealth edition). Needless to say MC-47 rifle, which Chop of Monster Farm casted one by one. Due to the improvements, you can assemble rifle without supergule."
- shared Kazuhiro Takahashi of BBT.
EVIL MC Supervillain 2
EVIL MC Supervillain 3