Blackbook Toys’ SKUM-kun : 2nd Supervillain Edition Drops Oct 22nd

S K UM-kun Supervillain 1

BlackBook Toy announces the release of a new colorway of SKUM-kun with legendary SK8 punk rock band, Suicidal Tendencies, with the SUPERVILLAIN Edition available for online sales starting at midnight of Oct 22nd(Tokyo). 21st 8am(LA), 11am(NY), 4pm(UK), 10pm(Thailand). Available are: Supervillain 2nd edition (¥13500) / “Let’s Make A Mess (DIY)” @ ¥10800 / Bandana (¥1500)

S K UM-kun Supervillain 2
BBT SAYS: "This time clear PU casted body with milky white casted head (1st is PU casted boy with white head) and he got his hair half in green and half in purple (more like lavender). There are 2 patterns (L:GR R:PU or L:PU or R:GR). Each one is sewn by Japanese craftman, so takes a lot of time for production. What’s more he got a new accessory, Joker card!! Printed on actual playing card. As his body is clear PU casted, you can enjoy putting it inside. And while this edition doesn’t come with a New Era mini cap, is does come with SKUM-kun bandana as package of the toy." (MORE pics HERE on Facebook)

S"K"UM-kun Supervillain 2ndの販売開始となる10月22日深夜0時からは初の一般販売となるブランクLet's make a mess editionも少量販売します。Supervillain 2ndと同じクリアPU&乳白色成型です。自分で塗るも良し、好きなアーティストにコミッションお願いするも良し。クリアPUも綺麗ですが、乳白色は格別! At the same time when we would be releasing S"K"UM-kun Supervillain 2nd, we would be dropping 1st S"K"UM-kun blank available to public called "Let's make a mess" edition. Paint by yourself or ask your favorite artists for commissions. Or just enjoy staring at this beauty. Clear PU and milky white cast. Milky white is so beautiful!! Limited amounts would be up for grab.

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