Bōzu "Kitsune Edition" by Planet 3 Toys x noresore - Available via Lottery


Planet 3 Toys announces a collaboration with のれそれ (noresore) to create Bōzu "Kitsune Edition" - which due to very limited quantities, will be sold via a lottery!
Here's how to enter: "Please email planet3toys@gmail.com along with your name, shipping address, and PayPal email address. The lottery is open from Monday Oct 24th until Sunday Oct 30th
Winners will be selected on Halloween and will have 24 hours to purchase, or another winner will be selected. If picked, each set will retail for $50 USD + shipping. Each set will be selected at random."

This very limited edition (only 4 sets) includes one Bōzu which stands at approx. 3.5" (90mm) and cast in pure white sofubi and one Bōzu themed Kitsune sofubi mask designed and hand painted by のれそれ (noresore).

Stay connected to these folks via Instagram @planet3_toys and noresore @bincho1977!

(Cheers for the headsup, Dave)


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