Clutter Exclusives for #NYCC2016


Reveals for NYCC-Exclusives from Clutter Magazine continues forth for their upcoming tenure at New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9) Booth #603, including Bear Heads, Donut Cats, RESTORE bruisers, and the debuts of Boglins nd Venus Penetrators!

Do note that any remaining pieces will be available after NYCC at


NYCC will see the debut of the BOGLIN BLINDBOX MINI SERIES! Limited to 400 pieces and priced at just US$6 a piece, these Clutter Exclusive Boglin Blindboxes will be available at Clutter Magazine's New York Comic Con Booth #603.
"This relaunch of the Boglins line, officially licensed by Seven Towns, have been sculpted with love by Tim Clarke and Maureen Trotto, and produced by Clutter.
These first four figures of the Zombie Boglin Tribe are based on the original Mini Boglins series from the 80's. Poured in rubber, just like the originals you all know and love, Southpaw, Mini Blobkin, Mummer and Gore are approximately 2" x 2" x 1.5". These mini figures come in an array of classic Boglin colors, pink, green, orange and purple, all blindboxed with a glow-in-the-dark chase!"
Luke Chueh Bear Head

Sized 6" × 6" × 5½”, Luke Chueh’s BLACK AND GOLD DISSECTED BEAR HEAD comes in a semi-gloss black exterior, a matte black eye, and bones of gold. Limited to 50 pieces and priced at US$100 a piece.

Luke Chueh will be making a special signing appearance at the booth (*Schedule TBC).

Venus Penerator

Josh Kimberg debuts his latest sculpture, "VENUS PENETRATOR", at NYCC! Limited to just 15 pieces for US$165 apiece, the first 5 pieces will be available at Clutter Magazine's Booth #603!
PRESS: "Beaming in a sky blue, pearlescent resin, this 15.25" x 4.5" x 3.75" figure raises her eyes towards the heavens from the center of her consciousness. This beauty has such impressive glow-in-the-dark power that it radiates in the daylight when charged."
Magic Donut Girl

MAGICAL GIRL DONUT CATS by Eimi Takano are hand painted and handmade from resin and stand at 7-inches tall on their sparkly bases! Limited to an edition of 3 standard Magical Girl Donut Cats at US$90 apiece, and one Magical Girl Donut Cat Crystal Stand at US$99 (standing 8.5-inches tall).

Dropping simultaneously at Clutter Magazine's NYCC Booth #603 and Taipei Toy Festival are THREE exclusives from RESTORE! Clutter Magazine will have 10 of each figure available to purchase for US$120 apiece.

"NEO JAPAN "GUREN" is hand-painted and filled with burning passion and an unquestioned conviction. Standing at approximately 7.5-inches tall, he is adorned in roaring flames and comes with a Hocho (Japanese knife) accessory, ready for action."
"IRON MEAT BURNING SUN cyborg sofubi figure radiates the power of the sun. This hand-painted edition in blazing oranges and bold blues has detachable hands to reveal his machine insides and stands at 8.5-inches tall."
"COLLECTLISTER ZAN(斬) stands at approximately 8-inches tall. Gorgeously hand-painted, this enemy of the Neo Japan series comes with a knife weapon accessory and goat deity chest insert. The cloth on it's face hides COLLECTLISTER's murderous intentions."