"Day's Eye” - New Works by Mariangela Tan @ Woot Bear (Opens Nov 5th)

Opening November 5th (from 6pm-9pm) at Woot Bear in San Francisco, is "Day's Eye: New Works by Mariangela Tan" - an exhibition featuring fiber sculptures and illustrations that ”represent life's constant offering of new beginnings through change and mutation,” by Brooklyn based artist and designer Mariangela Tan - previews of which are feature here in this post!

This exhibition will be on display from 11/5/16- 12/5/16. Stay connected to Instagrams @plushplay & @wootbearbelly for updates!

(Title: "It was fascination, I know" Size: 24" x 24" (12"diameter) Materials: wool, paper)
ABOUT THE ARTIST: "Mariangela Tan is a Brooklyn based artist and designer. Her themes often include explorations of sentimentality through tangible objects, and frequently crossover into the world of toys and consumables. Her current work showcases wool fiber and crepe paper that has been transformed into delicate floral arrangements with the mutation of fasciations that reflect her own personal transformations. These wild unpredictable changes cannot be controlled or directed in the natural world. So often inspired by the wonders and oddities of nature, she uses them as symbols of transformation that we can all relate to.”

(Title: "Tamed Rose"
Size: rose approx 6" tall, 4" diameter Materials: wool, paper, wire)

”Reconstructing these mutations under glass allows the audience an opportunity to examine the triggers of sentiment and obsession that may have once been buried or lost. Their rediscovery represents a very personal evolution for the artist that connects her with the observer on an emotional level.
Mariangela's work has been showcased in galleries and boutiques across the US and has attracted the attention of collectors globally. Along with her artist husband Justin Alan Volpe, they create heirloom quality collectibles and pop culture inspired goods collectively and independently."

(Title: "Double Happiness"
Size: flower approx 7", 5.5" diameter Materials: wool, foil paper, wire)

Woot Bear (wootbear.com)
@ 1512 Haight St,San Francisco CA 94117
Date & Time: 6pm – 9pm PST