“Donutella & Her Sweet Friends” by Tokidoki

Spending Saturday night gushing over new Tokidoki Toys, is the last thing I’d imagine myself doing, but indeed I had been, choosing which are my favs and wondering if I’d be able to afford them all?

Introducing “Donutella and her Sweet Friends” Blind Box Mini Figures! Each box has a SRP of US$8.00 apiece, and there’s 12 possible characters to collect (need to spend at least US$96, IF I am lucky and do not get doubles/triples…), so yeah, I’ll just look at these pics and video (from toyboxcollectible.com) and continue my online window-gushing, yeah?

And no, I do not discriminate my toys, thanks :)

Tokidoki Donutella chop
Tokidoki Donutella ToyBox


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