ERIKARTOON @ Illustrator’s Market for #illustrationartsfes (Oct 29-30, 2016)

From one of my fav illustrators based in Singapore, is the mind-wrapping and eye-stabbing awesomeness from Erika Tay AKA ERIKARTOON (Instagram @erikartoon / / )! Mostly gawking at her Instagram, I’ve not had much chances to snag her art and works, and was pretty grateful she had a table at the ILLUSTRATORS MARKET for the 2016 Edition of Illustration Arts Fest!

I managed to snag a couple of zines featuring her art, and I highly recommend you do so too, to savour MORE of her art at a go! hahahaha

Head on to Table B2 (shared with artist @parincashmony) at LASALLE College of the Arts (1st McNally St. / Rochor MRT), where entry to the market is FREE, with the event closing Sunday October 30th at 6pm! Tell her TOYSREVIL Sent You!

Now scroll down to see what has gotten me in a constant tizzy!

YUMMY YUCKS features all coloured zine, which as well includes two postcards, and free stickers! Absolutely stoked about this issue too! Erika’s art gorges at your eyes, and “colours” make it all so much sweeter the “death” hahaha

“I REALLY LIKE TO DRAW GIRLS” is an all black-n-white zine featuring Erika’s insane visuals! Snag this “Coloring Book Zine Thingy”, stat!

Here’s a page-flip clip, courtesy of Erika;

@erikartoon awesomeness at #illustrationartsfest #iaf2016 #illustrationartsfestival

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Hello we here!! 😛 @azridjokoloro @parincashmony

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