Halloween Special 1:1 BLACK HAT EDDY from ThreeA Toys

ThreeA Toys celebrates Halloween with a “surprise” drop for BLACK HAT EDDY - designed by Ashley Wood - listed and apparently gone in a flash, with this 15 inches (26.4cm) tall faux kitty from their GALA MILK 1:1 3ART Collection, priced at US$600 per (pre-3AA discount / price includes worldwide shipping), in an edition of only 10pcs. The resin cast figure comes in with a festive Non-Removable Fabric Pumpkin hood, hoping to hit home scheduled for a Q4 2016 Shipping.

Shown below is a 1:1 KUMA Edition Eddy the Cat, just for kicks and rubbing it in for folks who’d missed this drop.

Black Eddy Gala Milk


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