Illustration Arts Fest 2016 (Oct 28-30 & Nov 4-6)

WHAT-IS: Illustration Arts Fest (IAF) is Singapore’s first indie illustration-centric festival! As part of the 10th anniversary of the Organisation of Illustrators Council (OIC Singapore), the Council is teaming up with Singapore Writers Festival (SWF), LASALLE College of the Arts; and East London Comics Arts Festival (ELCAF) and Nobrow Press to present the inaugural IAF, celebrating illustrators and illustration in Asia.

The IAF is focused on originally created content and narratives by independent illustrators who work in styles and art forms which are not commonly seen in Asia. This is distinguished from the more prevalent trend of superheroes, manga and anime themes. The event is supported by players from the Singapore creative community such as Kinetic, Supermama, H55, Underscore, Design Film Festival and Goodstuph.”

Above-left: Tell Your Children
Above-right: Sharon Yang Ge / PAYNK
Bottom left: Teresa Lim / Teeteeheehee
Bottom-right: Zenith / Jar of Rubies

This event is held over 2 weekends at 2 venues, with October 28th to 30th happening at LASALLE College of the Arts (Purchase Tix Online), and November 4th to 6th as part of the 2016 Singapore Writers Festival.

The event will feature International Illustrators conducting Workshop and Talks, Book Signing and an Illustrators / Art Market (Scroll down for more on that).

Above-left: Amanda Chee
Above-right: Cassy Ruston
Bottom left: Mai Nguyen
Bottom-right: Sonny Liew

Guest Speakers and workshops by Jean Julien (UK), Mattias Adoffson (Sweden), Richard McGuire (USA), Isabel Greenberg (UK), as well Artists from Asia, including Hideyuki Katsumata (Japan), Sonny Liew (Singapore) and Elcaf (UK).

Folks interested in finding out more can head direct to or the event’s community Facebook page - for information and schedules, and as well a multitude of illustration imagery generated for this event - a few of which are featured here in this post!

Above-left: Andrew Guojun Unwin
Above-right: Miyako Makio
Bottom left: Nicholas Amor Oh / naowx
Bottom-right: Soh Fia

As mentioned above, there will be a “Arts Market” in addition to the workshops and talks available by international guests throughout this coming weekend, and here are a few tables to look forward to!

New books for sale in Singapore from Charsiew Space Wizards: LYCHEE QUEEN and THE ALCHEMY OF OIL at SG$8.00 each. This is also your chance to score Rex Regrets Vol.1 (who is right next to Charsiew), and keep a lookout for posters and prints from Calvin Chua / Stormbrush, and goodies from Polkaros and Hong Kong’s Pucky - whose gonna bring us some yummy stuff!

FYI: Arts Market is completely free to walk-in and browse!