#Inktober2016 Featured Artists (Part One)


9 Days have passed and it’s perfect for a 9 x grid montage feature on TOYSREVIL for the 2016 Edition of INKTOBER! Featured here are a select few artists’ works (plucked from my social media streams), for your viewing pleasures! As well some of them have “themes” for their art challenge, so this might give folks an idea, yeh? There are still 20-odd days to go in October haha

Please do feel free to click forth and follow their works on their respective Instagrams/Facebook/Tumblrs (so they’ll forgive my trespass of pilfering their images without permission :p), and enjoy the images, as I have!

Inktober Martin Hsu

San Francisco-based artist Martin Hsu has been drawing up a storm of yummy food-themed ink and watercolor on handmade paper from Japan! AND these original artwork are available for purchase too! Email “martinhsuart(at)gmail.com” for availability, and tell him TOYSREVIL SENT YOU! :)

Stay connected to his Instagram @martinhsuart for continued Inktober art, and more!

Inktober Jeremy Dale

Jeremy Dale tells a story from the mind and realms of the “Valley Dweller”, and you can see more of his art on Instagram @valleydweller.

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Inktober Kelvin Chan

Kelvin Chan at Rocket Raygun has been letting loose his brush of plenty, and the result is a heady mix of ancient-styled armour and sci-fi sensibilities!

(*Inktober Artist Spotlights in 2014 & 2015 #onTOYSREVIL)

Inktober freakyfir

From Concept Artist & Illustrator Muhammad Firdaus comes a squad of robots, ready to defend or invade! Check out more of his art via Instagram @freakyfir and freakyfir.tumblr.com.

Inktober Calvin Chua

From concept artist and designer Calvin Chua of stormbrush.com comes furious ink brushes! Check out more of his work on his Instagram @stormbrush.

Inktober Sheldon Goh

Malaysian illustrator Sheldon Goh has been using the letters of the alphabet to theme his Inktober illustrations! You can check more of them out on his Instagram @sheldongoh.

Inktober Paka

Artist Teoh Yi Chie of www.paka-blog.com has been doing swell two-pager spreads for his Inktober, based on prompt-themes from Drawlloween, and you can continue to see more on facebook.com/pakablog.

Inktober Bowo

From Indonesian toy-customiser Bowo Baghaskara evokes the octopus-aesthetics, and you can check out his Inktober and custom pieces via his Instagram @bowobaghaskara

Inktober Jeff Ranjo

My favourite has to be from Disney Story artist Jeff Ranjo! Will this really be he end of his Inktober? Stay tuned to more on his Tumblr and Instagram @thraxisjr!

(*Inktober Artist Spotlight in 2014 #onTOYSREVIL)