INSTINCTOY @ Taipei Toy Festival #TTF2016 (Booth AA102&103)


INSTINCTOYS shares with folks snaps of their display booth pics from set-up night at Taipei Toy Festival 2016 (Oct 7-10), and reveals a ton of awesomeness, including pleaded debuts!

Scroll down for further peeps and my impressions of what I’d noticed in the pics, and stay tuned to more via Hiroto Ohkubo’s Instagram @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo (all event pics via), and head on over to the INSTINCTOY exhibition booths at AA102&103!

AND, if you intend to purchase anything, DO NOT DALLY with your decisions! I was prepared to spend my fortune on their collectibles at STGCC, but eventually walked away with only ONE, as everything else had been Sold Out! (Thanks Hiroto, for remembering!)


Lined-up in image above is T9G x INSTINCTOY 『RE-RET』 making it’s debut at TTF! Far-left is the 2nd colorway ZOMBIE RE-RET with "green G.I.D”! Centerstage is the first colorway "LEOPARD" 『RE-RET』 available in two special editions: PURPLE ARM Ver. and PINK ARM Ver., and they will be available blind-packaged. Check out the animated video made by mographixx HERE!

The price is NT$4,500 and will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. The official release date is estimated to be in November 2016. Seen far-right is the BLACK Edition, that was sold out in STGCC2016 before I even laid eyes on it LOL


Seen far right is the INNOCENT & CORE (HAPPINESS VER.) collaboration between Mai Nakamoto and INSTINCTOY, with the collectible figure available for pre-orders at TTF (Price to be determined on-site). Hiroto added;
"…Hidden within this figure is the concept of a “rainbow that gathered a dream and joy” in the character of INNOCENT. We have not done anything like this before and it was a really difficult challenge for us."
Hey waittaminute! Is that a smaller VINCENT in metallics??? #EPIC

Here are more peeps at the INNOCENT & CORE (HAPPINESS VER.) - in two versions, in fact!

Next figure to be unveiled at TTF, is EROSION MOLLY, in a collaboration with Kenny Wong (Project planning by Monster Taipei)!!! Scheduled for a 2017 release, the unpainted prototype sees a meld between Molly’s head and crown (which has been “infected”) and a mix-n-match body between inc’s melt and Mucky’s fur arms!

Seen far-right in the display pics above, is the next figure to receive the “zombie” treatment: SNOWY!


Instinctoy TTF2016 1
Instinctoy TTF2016 2

Also releasing at TTF is the 5th colorway of CURIO looking utter adorbz in black with white “socks/paws”! As well other debuts such as "Joker" Edition of ICE LIQUID & BIG ICE LIQUID, the 7th color of Vincent vs. LIQUID “Dreamy Rainbow”(ver.2), along with previous early releases in STGCC2016 including Zombie Muckey and Zombie Mini Muckey!

*Find out further info and prices via the INSTINCTOY-blog.

Also of particular note, is the James Gorman hand-painted KING KORPSE, to be auctioned off at TTF. Bidding price begins from NT$30,000.