Jeff Soto’s NekoFukurou “Night” & GID Editions from BlackBook Toy Drops Oct 30th

BlackBook Toy annouces the impending release of new colorway of Jeff Soto’ s NekoFukurou - which we last saw on preview at STGCC in October - in both GID Painted AND GID Blank Editions!
"One side is Neko(Cat) and the other side is Fukurou(Owl). You can stack them up like totem pole or cat it on other toy. GID casted, Night edition (left). There is a secret variant (right). Same paint scheme but with silver rub before paint, which pops the details of NekoFukurou up! Shipped randomly, the ratio would be 1/6.

And not just painted ones, we would be dropping first blank. Paint by yourself or ask your favorite artists for commissions. GID is perfect release for Halloween!! They all glow well in the dark!! Would be a great idea to cap it on other toy as their Halloween mask lol."
- shared Kazuhiro Takahashi, Director of BBT.
BlackBookToy NekoFukurou 1
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BlackBookToy NekoFukurou 4

Online sales would start at midnight of Oct 30th(Tokyo), Oct 29th 8am(LA), 11am(NY), 4pm(UK), 10pm(Thailand). The NekoFukurou “Night” is priced at 8100yen per (available to purchase online here), while the “GID” unpainted Blank edition is 7020yen apiece (available to purchase online here).