Launched at Stranger Factory: #BewitchingVI & #AllThatRemains Gallery Shows

Launched last Friday October 7th were two gallery showings at Stranger Factory: “Bewitching VI” and “All That Remains”. Scroll down to read the press releases, and head straight to for previews of artwork and to order. Both shows run thru October and ends 31st, 2016.

(Above: Gustav Croc by Brandt Peters / Black Magic Chester by Kathie Olivas)
EVENT PRESS: "Stranger Factory is pleased to announce our Halloween exhibition, Bewitching VI, in our main gallery. Bewitching is an annual Halloween group show featuring an eclectic and diverse group of artists creating their own personal versions of iconic Halloween-related imagery in a wide variety of styles and mediums. Halloween is an incredibly special holiday for Circus Posterus and Stranger Factory, and our favorite time of year. We hold many shows and events each year, but Bewitching is always one the most spectacular!!! We hope you'll join us for this celebration of all things dark and spooky!

This years participating artists include Amy Earles, Shirrstone, Creeptoons, Michele Lynch, Jen Musatto, Dark Town Sally, Kathie Olivas, Anna Tillett, Danita Art, Horrible Adorables, Brandt Peters, Spluurt, Fika Art, Karl Deuble and more!"

(Top-Left to right) Creeptoons, Amy Earles, Fika Art and Anna Tillett
(Bottom-Left to Right) Jeremy Cross, Horrible Adorables, Danita Art and Jen Musatto

(Above sculpture by Matt Hall)
EVENT PRESS: "What remains when all is said and done? 21 Artists translate the phrase "All That Remains" in this bone, fantastical anatomical, "remains" themed exhibition. From ink to thread, from stone to bone, a variety of specimens will be unearthed inside Stranger Factory on October 7th."
Featuring guest curation by Lana Crooks, these are indeed an amazing collection of work seen thus far, IMHO! I’d love to showcase them more, but, meanwhile, here are the press images to share:

(Top-left to right) Sinan Soykut, Jessica Josslin, Virginie Ropars, Lana Crooks
(Bottom-left to right) Mahlimae, Stephanie Metz, Stephanie Inagaki

Featuring new works by: Adipocere / Jeremy Bastian / Lana Crooks / Jessica Dalva / Kristina Drake / Matt Hall / Stephanie Inagaki / Darla Jackson / Jessica Joslin / Jennifer Joslin / Mahlimae / Lauren Marx / Caitlin McCormick / Stephanie Metz / Christina Mrozik / Forest Rogers / Virginie Ropars / Sinan Soykut / Tyler Thrasher / Jake Waldron / Katherine Walsh of FearsomeBeast

Now showing @strangerfactory All that Remains curated by @lanacrooks

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