LITTLE RICE by Tik Ka x Unbox Industries on pre-order now!

Revealed not too long ago and currently listed for pre-order now, is LITTLE RICE by Tik Ka!

Priced at US$140, this adorable 11cm x 11cm x 14cm soft vinyl figure has a ship-out scheduled for end of November, and is hand-painted, ”in an effort to translate Tik Ka's renderings perfectly.”

Head forth to procure yours, while it is currently available at TTF Booth A62, and do scroll down to view more images!

Little Rice 2

“Rice” is such an essential and important staple of Asian cultures, it would be unimaginable to comprehend “life” without it! And especially the ornate Oriental designs of the bowl, resonates with very memories of the both “past” and “present” for Chinese-folks (such as myself), this is such an amazing representation of both an art toy collectible and heritage, all in an adorable cute bowl of toy-rice LOL

And By The ToyGawds if there were an entire “family” of Little and “Big” Rice bowls to be had, folks’ll truck them away in the family-pack-load! LOL

Little Rice WIP 1
Little Rice WIP 2
""In Chinese culture the word 'Chizi' represents a special state of mind, the return to the starting point of life's mentality. We must reflect on life, once again look back to the past, and then to look at life's "child heart" Tik Ka.

Tik Ka is a Hong Kong based artist famous for his works that celebrate the concept of 'childlike thinking' know as 'Chizi'. His work has been exhibited globally since 2006 and has now been interpreted into three dimensions by Unbox."
Little Rice 3