myplasticheart for #NYCC2016 (Part Two Reveals)


myplasticheart continues their reveal of what exclusives and collectibles to be had at their Booth #113 for the coming weekend’s New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9)! Scroll down for more peeps and stay tuned to IG @myplasticheart for further updates.


Above-left: APO Frogs by twelveDot @ US$160 each.
Our friends at twelveDot created a special edition of their very popular APO Frogs just for myplasticheart! The myplasticfrog edition is limited to a total of 10 pieces and features a warm grey frog with an ivory belly with his hands altered to hold a custom made pink heart inspired by the myplasticheart logo. myplasticfrog is available in 2 versions – bright pink raincoat and light pink polkadot cape, which all have different buttons on them. Each custom heart is autographed on the back by twelveDot.

Above-right: Devil Rory by Seulgie
Brooklyn based artist Seulgie debuts her newest character from her Satyr line just in time for the spookiest of holidays, the Devil Rory! Inspired by vintage figurines, Devil Rory are all handmade in resin featuring custom designed cloth accessories. Devil Rory comes in 2 varieties, classic Red Devil Rory and Black Kitty Devil Rory.

$160 (Red Devil Rory)
$180 (Black Kitty Devil Rory)

Saturday 10/8 2PM - 3PM
myplasticheart booth #113

Bottom-Left: Tumble Tops by Inami Toyland @ only US$12 each!
Tumble Tops are the newest addition to the Rock-Paper-Scissor line of spin tops from Kevin Nam of Inami Toyland. How it works is you spin the top and once it stops, whichever hand is raised is its move. You can play against it or if you have two of them you can play with a friend! They come blindbagged with three different designs in three different colors (Ninja, Miner or Pirate in Blue, Yellow, or Red!) . There will also be chase versions made in translucent resin for those who get lucky!

Friday 10/7 5PM - 6PM
Saturday 10/8 3PM - 4PM
myplasticheart booth #113

Bottom-right: Mogu by Otto Björnik @ $40 each.
We are very happy to once again be working with the very talented Otto Björnik on his latest release, Mogu. Based on his previous illustration work, these little forest sprites are casted resin and each are handpainted by Bjornik.

MPH NYCC2016 konatsu reactor88

Above-left: Daioh Negora Dream Fantasy (GID) by Konatsu @ US$80 each.
We’ve teamed up with Konatsu once again to bring you her latest release – Daioh Negora Dream Fantasy. A great companion piece for the previously released Negora and Migora Dream Fantasy, Daioh Negora is 8 inches of glow in the dark Japanese vinyl with pink, green and blue accents.

Above-right: Custom 5 inch Dunnies by Reactor88 @ US$180 each.
L.A. artist Reactor88 makes his annual return to New York Comic Con with a new series of customs based on his signature totem theme. Utilizing the new 5 inch Dunny shape as his canvas, Reactor88 takes on 4 different interpretations of various totem motif: classic Totem, Maori, Zulu, and Spade-Skull.

MPH NYCC2016 Instinctoy

MPH will be representing Instinctoy this year at NYCC with a number of releases big and small.

Above-left: Vincent Pastel Pearl Rainbow (GID) @ US$290 each.

Above-right: New Bat Liquids in silver and gold, each priced at US$50 apiece.

Bottom-left: 2 special versions of the new GYAWO figure will be made available, with Crazy GYAWO in bright pink and rainbow as well as Zombie in bright blue with blood splattered mouth. Available for $135 each at myplasticheart booth #113.

Bottom-right: The U.S. debut of the new 5.5 inch Mini Muckeys, in both pastel and rainbow glow varieties. Available for US$70 each!


A trio of enamel pins revealed thus far - featuring "Puff" Enamel Pin by Andrea Kang, "I Woke Up Like This" Enamel Pin by ChrisRWK (Limited Edition of 113), and "Ghost Girl" Enamel Pin by Matt Siren. All three are priced at US$10 each.

Andrea Kang SIGNING
Friday 10/7 2PM - 3PM
myplasticheart booth #113

Friday 10/7 4PM - 5PM
myplasticheart booth #113