#StarWars-inspired Non-Licensed Collectibles for #DKEToys @ New York Comic Con #NYCC2016


DKE Toys is going all-out galactic-scaled explosion of “non-licensed” indie collectibles of the STAR WARS persuasion at the coming New York Comic-Con 2016 (Oct 6-9)! Here is what we know so far (thanks to Sarah Jo Marks!), and as well individual SW-themed pieces have been featured on #starwarsallday (‘natch). Scroll down to prep your spending monies on at this annual geekcon :)


ABOVE: “HipHop Wars: HipHop Trooper” by Special Ed Toys features hand painted and customized 3.75" vintage figure on custom designed card back. Each figure is signed and numbered out of 50 figures worldwide by Special Ed and the Hip Hop Trooper. Price is US$75 each, and you can peep more pics HERE on #starwarsallday

darth trump

ABOVE: “Darth Trump” by Timebandits x Special Ed Toys features hand cast and painted 3.75 inch custom resin figure on card. Only 25 made, each priced at US$85. Peep more pics HERE on #starwarsallday.


ABOVE: “Wookie Hash Pipe: Luce Skytoker” by Jim Mahfood is a follow up to SDCC's Dose Vapors figure based on Jim Mahfood's Wookie Hash Pipe universe. This edition of 50 figures is hand cast and painted and is signed and numbered by Jim. The back of the card has the follow up installment to the Wookie Hash Pipe comix saga.

Priced at US$100 each, peep more pics HERE on #starwarsallday.


ABOVE: “Hobo Fett” by Jason Chalker AKA Manly Art features new character “Hobo Fett” as a part of his ever expanding Pimp2D-2's Big Score action figure line. Each figure is a hand cast and painted 3.75" resin figure on a backward illustrated by Jason himself! Only 25pcs of these babies available at only US$90 apiece. Peep more pics HERE on #starwarsallday.


ABOVE: “Jedi Master Yoga” by Australian bootlegger of Star Wars toys Jedi Master Jay is a hand cast and painted 3.75" scale resin figure on card. Each one comes with a Yoga force serpent accessory. While the edition is 50pcs, only about 30 will make it to the show in time for NYC this year. Priced at US$45 each, check out more pics HERE on #starwarsallday.


TWO SW-inspired toys from RYCA for #DKEToys at #NYCC2016, featuring “Reservoir Troopers” (See above) with 6 figures for US$165 based on the sold out print edition of the same name. Each card is a multi color silk screen with 6 hand cast and painted 3.75" figures. Only 20 of these signed and numbered babies available! Peep more pics HERE on #starwarsallday.

Featured below, is “Mavi Krom Uzay” by RYCA, with this conversation of the piece’s genesis going like this;
""Hey Ryan can you send me one of those blue Uzay figures I saw online the other day?" Reply: "I am sending you a bunch of them with some other chase figures included. Oh yeah and you can price them at $45 each." WTF x2!!! Hand cast and painted 3.75" resin figures on silk screened card back.
Figure is based on the original bootleg "Uzay" Turkish toys .... The most famous being the blue stars, a blue Snow Trooper. Mavi Krom Uzay is a Turkish translation of "blue chrome stars”."

arsnot make

ABOVE: “Wars Not Make One Great” by Free Humanity features hand customized 3.75″ scale figures and includes a paint bucket and roller. Each card back has been hand stenciled, splattered and signed and numbered out of 50 pieces. This is the second and final edition in dark pink.
"The previous edition sold out earlier this year at SDCC. A Free Humanity stencil on a canvas would be at least 10 times as much money in a gallery. These will not last long. Wars Not Make One Great by Free Humanity $100 tax included." (MORE pics HERE on #starwarsallday)

ABOVE: “R2-Lean Too” by Dollar $lice Bootlegs features hand cast 3.75" scale figure on custom card back. Signed and numbered edition of 25 @ US$45 apiece.


ABOVE: “Red Guy and Blue Guy” by Barbarian Rage features hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figures. Each color a signed and numbered edition of 25. Card back was based on Scott's original velvet painting. Only US$45 each, check out more images HERE on #starwarsallday.


ABOVE: “Star Weird: PerFett & Boombox” by my buddy Topztoy from Thailand!
DKE TOYS PRESS: "In a follow up to the SDCC sold out edition Boba Classette, Topztoy is back with an equally "weird" figure, PerFett. Each US$40 piece is hand cast 3.75" resin figure on card and an edition of 40. The blister packaging allows for the figure to be removed and replaced with ease for extra "play" value."
darth buddha

ABOVE: “Darth Buddha” by Random Skull Productions features the deity of the dark side standing just over 4 inches tall and hand cast in red colorway. Limited to only 25pcs, each priced at US$40 - each figure is signed and numbered and comes bagged with a matching signed and numbered card. Peep MORE images HERE on #starwarsallday!


ABOVE: “C-P33N” by Kill! X Virva Peikko (for www.thekaterpillar.com) is a hand cast and painted 2" resin figure on card. Only 30 made, each priced at US$55 (on #starwarsallday). The “story” behind this piece, is even more “interesting”…
"Back in 1977 Topps Trading cards actually released a trading card with this golden phallus to unsuspecting children. How it got there is a source of some speculation. Prank on the set or irate employee no one quite knows or at least no one is fessing up to it."

ABOVE: “Jawa Bunny” by Flat Bonnie is the lone PLUSH in this collection of resin-makes, with each handmade and hand sewn piece made from soft fleece, vinyl pleather and safety eyes. They are 12" tall, signed and limited to 30 pieces and retail for US$45 each. Peep more images HERE on #starwarsallday, and darning I WANT ONE! But then again, Jaws comes in twos, don’t they? :)

riot scum

ABOVE: “Riot Scum: Greeloo” by Buzzard Guts features hand cast and painted 3.75" resin figure on custom card. In an edition of 20pcs, priced at US$45 each. Peep more pics HERE on #starwarsallday.


ABOVE: “R2-SL1200” by Artbot138 features hand cast and painted 3.75" scale carded figure that comes with an actual vintage 7" record with Artbot138custom label. The "robot" has been modified to resemble a vintage UZAY figure. Edition of 40 at US$65 each.


ABOVE: “Salacious Protester” by Special Ed Toys are signed and numbered editions of 50 pieces utilizing an actual vintage Kenner Salacious Crumb figure from 1983 in each one! Price is US$30 and you can check out more images HERE on #starwarsallday.


IG-BABA by Healeymade features a hand-cast 12”-tall resin figure in an edition of only 10pcs, each priced at US$100. Looks awesome and I WANT ONE!

ABOVE: Ewoking Dead lapel pin by Killer Bootlegs are priced at US$15 each. Same as their namesake pin.