Studio Ghibli in Real Life by KOJER

Studio Ghibli’s anime characters interacting in “real life” backgrounds - courtesy of Korea’s “Kojer” ( / IG @kojeryoutube / Facebook) with assist from Adobe After Effect CC - and it looks magically awkward, but in a good way, I suppose!

Films depicted include:
■ Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind
■ Laputa: Castle In The Sky
■ My Neighbor Totoro
■ Kiki's Delivery Service
■ Whisper Of The Heart
■ The Princess Mononoke
■ The Spiriting Away Of Sen And Chihiro
■ Howl's Moving Castle
■ Ponyo On The Cliff

… and if you want to get “geeky” with it, check out the “Real Life Behind The Scene” video HERE on #iNotOtaku! (which unfortunately is in Korean language. with no English subs :p).


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