Talking ART OF WAR REJECTS Custom Dunnys with Igor Ventura

Igor Ventura has since revealed TWO more Custom Dunnys in his “ART OF WAR REJECTS” series that he will be making available in November at Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016) - featuring ALBINO CHAMELEON and PRANKISH KNIGHT!

AND besides swell visuals to gawk at, I’d tap Igor himself for a lil’Q&A to find out MORE about what folks can expect from the series! Featuring 5 designs with multiple copies - plus one chase - ART OF WAR REJECTS looks to be one hella series to come!

Scroll down for a read, and stay connected via his Instagram @igorventura for more reveals!

TOYSREVIL: How did the ART OF WAR REJECTS series come about?
IGOR VENTURA: I was originally only going to make a mini-series for Designer Con with the Wobbly Dunny design, which was submitted for the Art of War series. I posted it on the KR Forums, and someone asked if it was a series with other designs, or if I called it a series because there were multiple copies of this one design. That gave me an idea, and I decided to produce some of the other designs I submitted and make a series with the rejected designs…
ALBINO CHAMELEON: "His lack of melanin is no obstacle for him. Master of the jungle, even Rambo would be afraid of this horned, long-tonged reptilian! He’s a guerrilla expert, camouflage extraordinaire. Better watch your step! You’d regret stepping on his tail by accident forever! "

TOYSREVIL: How many tribes/teams of custom Dunnys in the series are we to expect?
IGOR VENTURA: There are already these 3 designs I finished (Wobbly Dunny, Prankish Knight and Albino Chameleon). Since there isn't much time left till DCon (and I don't have much free time to work on them LOL), I'll only make 2 more designs. Wobbly Dunny and Prankish Knight will have 5 pieces each, and the other designs will only be 3 pieces each. I'll also include ONE Geek Force Dunny (*the CHASE Dunny) with sculpted and flocked Jedi Robe, GID stars painted on the ears and glossy finished, making it 20 pieces in total.
PRANKISH KNIGHT: "Do you know what’s mightier than the sword? Imagination! You don’t need a fancy, ultra-modern videogame to have fun. Anything can be used to turn a devilish kid into a fearless dragon-slayer knight. Nobody can stop him… unless Mommy shows up and tell him it’s dinner-time!"

TOYSREVIL: Will these be available “as-is” or via blind box? If BB, is there one/more-than-one CHASE to look out for? A “Golden Ticket” for a 5” custom would be pretty sweet! LOL
IGOR VENTURA: They will be sold via blind box. Still thinking about the price... the only chase will the the Geek Force.

I thought about making a 5" Albino Chameleon (or my Unfair Law sheriff, which was also submitted to the series) as the GT, in fact! But I don't think I'll be able to finish it by DCon, so I'll only include the ticket, and will produce it after I return to Brazil and will mail the piece to the lucky winner once it's finished!