#TBT: #CUTEorDEATH Sketches from Halloween 2015

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I called these my #CUTEorDEATH sketches - done primarily for the publication of the Halloween Edition of TOYSREVIL webzine for 2015, meant to "bump up" the pages, with a "Call For Entires" garnering two submissions and hardly a "fanzine issue"-make … so I decided to double up my efforts, and as well utilized the last ten days of #Inktober for this endeavor!

I’ve previously blogged about it’s genesis in detail HERE, also viewable on on the TOYSTEVILART Facebook, AND as well the zine is viewable FREE online HERE on Issue.com.

THIS post however, is a look at the “original” inked sketches :)

The characters I had decided to go with, are classic movie horror figures known to most and all, given a slight "twist", with the re-imagined as "babies"! The tagline I came up with, was: "Monsters Were Babies Too…" 2 x drawings of each character were used to make a single published page - a Baby and an Adult, with the baby-version in focus, while the hastily sketched "adult" version blurred in the background and opacity knocked back in photoshop.

Since I did not have working scanner, each sketched page was photographed on my mobile, sent to my laptop, then mod in P/S, with the "Stage #3" webzine pages shown here as well.

The baby sketches were first penciled (done in a single night), then inked in two days (split one morning, and an entire next day), the adult characters in a single afternoon, and all shot and P/Sd in a single afternoon-to-night. I am very satisfied with what I had done, within the breakneck time … I reckon I'll try not to do this sorta thing again in the future LOL

… and you know what? Admittedly I did not have the courage to do another public “Call To Entries” again for this year’s Halloween issue, and probably will not do so in the near future...