The Coming of The CURSED RAYGUN by RZL

"Found in the shadow area between desperation and anger, the gun will emerge from the darkness when you least expect it. An abomination of steel and flesh, technology and magik. A choice has to be made; a lifetime of horror to satisfy revenge, or die a horrible death at the hands of your tormentors!"

光が薄まると闇が戻る。 When the lights fade the darkness returns

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And with that, the “first curse made flesh” in the form of sofubi CURSED RAYGUN, by Rzl (IG @darkmattar) and currently the evolution/progress can be viewed on Instagram @fragiledarkness. Rzl added of the piece’s genesis;
Inspired by the mutated forms found in films like Tetsuo, Videodrome, Existantz, the Cursed Raygun is a 1:1 sized kaiju life-force weapon! It is still in production but will make its debut soon by end of the year.
1. To activate cursed gun, recite incantation.
2. Puncture skin with fangs.
3. Upon activation, feed with flowing blood.
4. When demon eyes enraged, point to victim and depress tongue.
5. Repeat. Note: Gun uses blood as ammunition.

“Beware of the curse."

じっけん #666 Experiment #sofubi

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Candy Colored Curses #sofubi #softvinyl #kaijugun

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