ZOZOK The Swampaloid from cloun9

“Created by a corrupt secret unit of military scientists using experimental exotic radioactive biological weapons grade mutation slime!” … Presenting “ZOZOK the swampaloid”!

ZOZOK the swampaloid from cloun9

Created by Mike Remillard (@cloun9) + Thaniel Ion Lee (www), ZOZOK is a 4.5 inch hand cast resin figure dropping October 31 at 10pm EST online via etsy.com - and comes with a sidekick mushie, root burl club and swamp skull accessories.

Featuring two points of magnetic articulation, the Technicolor edition is limited to five pieces. Item comes bagged with header card and will be available for $90 plus s&h. (More pics HERE on Facebook)

(Cheers for the headsup, Mike)


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