1:4 SPACE ADAM APEXPLORERS by Winson Ma for Nov 4th Pre-Order


Winson Ma celebrates 10 Years of Winson Classic Creation with the impending release of his 1:4-scaled SPACE ADAM APEXOLORERS - with the Color Version priced at US$420, and the “Special” Version at US$500 (both prices exclude shipping fees).

- Colour Edition is priced at HK$3,250 per set (approx. US$420)
— Special Version limited to 200 sets worldwide - is priced at @HK$3,850 per set (approx. US$496).
(Special version w/display platform)
- Products are first come first serve basis
- Preorder date from 4/Nov/2017 to 4/Dec/2017
- Both versions are schedule to be released on 3rd quarter 2017
Folks interested in pre-orders can email direct “ info@winsoncreation.com
” … or in person at the following shops (in Hong Kong):

- Toy Hunters
@ Shop 218, 2/F., CTMA Centre, 1N Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, Kowloon
(both versions will be on display here!)

@ Shop E01-02, Basement, Ginza Plaza, 2A-2H Sai Yeung Choi Street South, MongKok

Folks at October’s Taipei Toy Festival had a chance to see the figures in person on display, and pre-order them too!

Brothersfree had one one of my top toy heroes since starting down my path decade+back, and as one of the three principles (alongside Kenny Wong and William Tsang), I’ve followed Winson Ma’s creations since 2006 (alas missed meeting him in person at STCC 2009) and had even held one of his Apexplorers in hand one fine day (Couldn’t afford it then, cannot afford it now :p), but alas never owned any of his figure. Maybe one day I will … :)

Happy 10th Anniversary, Winson Classic Creations!


Winson Ma Space Adam Color 01
Winson Ma Space Adam Color 02
Winson Ma Space Adam Color 03
Winson Ma Space Adam Color 04
Winson Ma Space Adam Color 06
Winson Ma Space Adam Color 07
Winson Ma Space Adam Color 08

Winson MaSpace Adam Special 01
Winson MaSpace Adam Special 02
Winson MaSpace Adam Special 03
Winson MaSpace Adam Special 04
Winson MaSpace Adam Special 05 Winson MaSpace Adam Special 06
Winson MaSpace Adam Special 07
Winson MaSpace Adam Special 08