4D XXRAY Batman by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx x Fame Master for Nov 19 Online Release

Available for pre-order on www.mightyjaxx.com from Saturday, the 19th of November 2016 onwards (11PM SG / 0AM NYC / 3PM LDN), is the first-ever truly dissected licensed collectible, 4D XXRAY BATMAN () - with this 9.5-inch tall figure priced at US$89.99 (approx. SG$128 - much cheaper than the earlier posted price of SG$199 at STGCC2016).

The 4D XXRAY Batman uses a mix of hard plastics for its transparent shell casing and dissectible skeletal system while a softer plastic, better known as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), is applied to its detachable organs. Possessing thirty-seven individual parts, here’s a handy video to show what they do:

“Since the launch of our XXRAY series late last year, we have received much love from fans all over the world, urging us to create bigger versions of our 4-inch collectibles. This really got us thinking on how we can improve the line even more. The idea of 4D XXRAY brought us back to our roots as I reminisced those childhood days I spent playing with my favourite action heroes, twisting their arms and legs to strike various poses. That is why we wanted to shake things up a bit and include the playability element in the 4D. We believe that characters like Batman can also help bridge the gap between conventional educational toys and superhero fandom. At the end of the day, what matters most to us is putting out great toys and bringing the joy of them to our customers.” - says Jackson Aw, Mighty Jaxx Founder and Managing Director.
"We are very pleased to work with Jason and Mighty Jaxx on the 4D XXRAY series. For a long time now, many people have been asking us what the 4D element is all about. While we are all familiar with 3D figurines, our toys have an additional dimension to them in terms of their Detailed structure and that perfect paint job for a realistic effect. We really hope that the 4D XXRAY Batman will be a precious collectible for all the fans out there." - shares Eastman Ting, Director of Research & Development at Fame Master.
​Artist Jason Freeny, on the process of creating the 4D XXRAY Batman recollects, "This project is the result of a 10-year quest from mere concept to actual fruition. It’s the combined efforts of Mighty Jaxx – one of the top designer toy producers, Fame Master – the global expert in anatomical models, and myself – a dude with some clay and the curiosity to see what’s inside my favourite childhood toys."

(All images by Mighty Jaxx)


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