BATTLE BOKO Exclusives from Jupey Krusho for #DesignerCon 2016 (Booth #221)

Jupey Krusho shares with TOYSREVIL info and images of BATTLE BOKO - “ Galaxy.Of.Goliaths VAST POWER” - BOKO THE DESTROYER and TER’R THE CONQUEROR, with both in BLANK Editions,launching at this weekend’s Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016) and available exclusively via Booth #221!

Modeled, molded, cast, and painted by 3CoconutMonkey, these godlike vinyl behemoths are 1/6 scaled and, are 14.5 inches tall with 5 points of articulation. 10#s of each will be available this weekend @ only US$40 each!

Scroll down for more images (and their backstory), and check out individual images HERE on Facebook!

BOKO THE DESTROYER: "After the sudden death of his father Boko inherited the most destructive power in the world: FIST OF THE GODKILLER. With fire in his blood and thunder in his heart Boko protects his kingdom with a hellish fury. Attack if you are – THE TERRYFYING FISTS OF BOKO THE DESTROYER AWAIT!!!"
TER’R THE CONQUEROR: "After surviving his execution Ter’r swore vengeance on the world. Sacrificing his left eye he gained the fearsome power of the EYE OF THE DOOM DEATHER! With untold power Ter’r seeks to conquer all worlds and be worshipped as a god. The Conqueror is coming. Obey and be spared. OPPOSE AND BE CRUSHED!"
We are used to seeing cute-themed and colourful creations and designs from Jupey Krusho, applied in a kaleidoscope of products and lifestyle goods, and this is an interesting “departure”, or rather “expansion” of their design range, with hyper pumped-up stylised Dragonball-sque giant toy action FTW! #WANT

Here’s a peek at earlier pulls (size reference) and even “original” drawings printed unto tees!

Battle Boko

(Cheers forthe headsup, Jupey! Looking awesome!!!!)


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