Creator’s Hub @ #AFASG16 Anime Festival Asia 2016

Creators Hub AFASG16 TOP 1

Creator’s Hub” (formerly know as “Artist Alley”) at Anime Festival Asia 2016 (Nov 25-27) was literally bustling with folks and fans, looking at fan-art galore, and all sorts of merchandise products in the form of keychains, stickers, badges, plush etc - with some displays towing high (mostly prints), and tables decked out to the fullest with eye-bogglingly swell stuff!

Not just maximising their booth/table space, but as well offer up more for fans to gawk at and purchase! Very “night market”-feel, but of course more controlled, with taste, and I’d rather have MORE to choose from (being the greedy Singaporean that I am MUAHAHAHAHA), innit?

Creators Hub AFASG16 TOP 3

Stand-outs included the photo-book from FIGLOVE TRICKSTER (FPS Phonebook Vol.6) - featuring toy-pics, UNDERCATS with sum fox-lovin’, and EAT ATE EATEN illustration book, focusing on food!

(should’ve gotten this...)

(should’ve gotten this too...)
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Most folks were pretty friendly, and accommodating when I asked to take pics of their booth, and there is a huge selection of fan-art available - for both Japanese/Eastern manga/anime, and as well Western/English comicbook characters to be had.

I could’t believe I walked away empty handed this AFA (never did make it back to pick up the Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop fan-art prints tho…).

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